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The Radio Men
The Tube Radio Australia Site Offers .....
Information on Projects, Information, and restoration tips in our restoration sections
Manuals and information on some WWII radios in the Ray Robinson Manuals Section !
The Site is owned and Maintained by Ray Poularas this is shared by my Colleague Ray Robinson who is also an expert in WWII Military and Australian AWA radios

Tube Radio If you would like to contact us you can do so by sending your email to

Tube Radio Australia is a Hobby Site and we specialise in WWII Military and Zenith Trans Oceanic radios .
"We source, and restore these items for our own pleasure. We also have some items for trade or sale, See our for sale and swap section.

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Tube Radio policy's
Our Policy

As this is a Hobby, Radio items that you may want help with sourceing are done on a request basis. We do some limited restoration work, and costs vary upon the amount of work needed to get items into functional condition. As I have my own projects this is on a case by case basis. "Radio's are sourced on a request only basis and can be forwarded unrestored if you want to have a go yourself. We accept no responsability for electrical goods that are 60 plus years old. Electrical items like vintage radio can be dangerous, with High Voltages, and you work on them at your own risk. ." What this means is that we may be able to find your Vintage radio the way you want it. This is my hobby so I can assist in locating radios on a part time basis. Shipping and freight costs are at the your expence. Any restored Radio's are supplied in operational condition unless otherwise stated as a display item or unrestored item. Unless the radio is fully restored there is no warranty implied. 70 year old electronics can not be Guaranteed. Fully restored items have a 60 Day back to supplier Guarantee. All Tubes and components are fully tested in my workshop. Payment for shipping must clear before any item's are shipped.

Vintage Radio is a Great hobby, and having a pice of history on your Mantle is a great talking point. A vintage radio is also an investment and a nice item to display and use for your own enjoyment. I have many WWII radios and I use them on a regular basis. Radio is a hobby that everyone can enjoy.

Tube Radio Services
Tube Radio Store and Items for Swap or Sale
Our Online Store Our store is ON LINE and used to dersify my collection. It is Not a Business. Swapping is somtimes the best way to get that model you dont have.

Radio's and Electronic Parts For Sale. Shopping cart.

Ray Poularas Restoration Section

The Radio Collections
New Display area..!
Collection part 1
The Workshop

Radio Field Trips
2010 Trip
2013 German Swap Meet
Corowa 2015 Swap
Wyong 2016 Swap
Corowa 2016 Swap
2016 AWA BTM-2M Transmitter Rescue

ARC-4 RT-19
SCR522 WWII Transciever
WJ-8640 Receiver
WJ-357 VLF Receiver
R744-A Receiver
Murphy B40D rebuild
Type 33B Power Supply T1154
Inverter Project
C17020 Amenities
MN26 Bendix Radio
Collins R391
Collins ART-13
ATB Transmitter
Wireless Set 11
ARB WW2 Aircraft Radio
ARR-15 WW2 Aircraft Radio
AWA AR8 WW2 Radio
Sony CRF-230 Radio
Ford 1950's Car Radio
RCA 5T Lives
NC 156 Restoration
SX-28A Restoration
Zenith Factory
Zenith Transoceanic
Marconi CSR-5
Hallicrafters HT-32
National NC-183D
National NC-240D
Hammarlund SP-600
National NCX-5
Murphy Radio B40
Hallicrafters S-27
RME-45 MK1

Radio's In Action
National's in Action
German Radio History
Spook Sets
Command Set Information

Interesting Radio's
1920's Radio

Who We Are
About US

Radio Projects for Fun
1 Tube Radio
Crystal Calibrator
80 M Tube Porject
Short Wave Project
Canteen Radio War
Tube Transitter
Regen Short Wave 1
Regen Short Wave 2
Regen Short Wave 3
Superhet Short Wave

Hallicrafters Gallery
Zenith Gallery

Technical Corner
Coil Calculator
Coil Design
Log Ant Design
Folded Di-pole
Loop Design
Quadpole Design

Technical Manuals
Zenith 7G605
Zenith 8G005

Our Online Shop
Radio Shop
Inverters for Battery Radio.
Ray's Motor Head Section
Note ! Some of these photos are from my teens some 20 years ago

Chev Blitz 1941
WLA 1941 Harley
Dead KTM Corner
Ducati 860
Daimler 1965 250 V8
Commodore Rebuild
Ray's Old Cars
Ray's Trips and Photos
Trip To the USA
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